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For your affiliate marketing program to succeed, you need as many affiliates as possible. Only by utilizing a significant number of affiliates will you see an increase in your online business sales. But what happens after you've found your affiliates? You help them market your online business by supplying promotional materials.

Promotional materials are important online marketing tools. Your affiliates will have an easier time promoting you if you give them a hand. They may do fine without your help, but why leave it to chance? Promotional materials for your online business can be as basic or complicated as you like. But here's a quick tip – if you're just starting with affiliate marketing, keeping it simple is probably best.

Here are 4 tips to help your affiliates market your online business:

Tip 1. Provide graphics of your product or products. This allows affiliates to display an image of what they're promoting. It's a fact that people are more likely to purchase an item if they see it first. The internet is a visual medium, and failing to provide visuals can hurt your sales.

Tip 2. Create a variety of banners. Banners aren't the powerful online marketing tools they once were, but they still attract some visitors. Preparing a variety of banners, in various sizes, may help increase your sales. Create banners that will easily fit onto any webpage, either as a sidebar, across the top, or at the bottom. Make these banners readily available to your affiliates to place on their websites.

Tip 3. Provide interesting content. Some affiliates may want to use articles as website or newsletter content. Who knows more about your product or service than you? Providing your affiliates with well-written articles is a win-win situation. The articles may help increase their search engine rankings, while also helping you attract more customers. Also, provide website replication (duplication of your existing side) when or if you can afford it.

Tip 4. Write ads for online publications. Some of your affiliates may use newsletters or ezines as marketing tools. By providing an ad or two of various lengths, you make it easy for your affiliates to include your ad wherever they see fit.

These are just a few tips to get your creative juices flowing. When it comes to marketing your online business, feel free to try new approaches and marketing tactics. After awhile, you'll probably create a tip or two of your own. And here's one last tip – avoid being labeled as a spammer.