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Affiliate Programs are one of the best ways for you to earn money online.There are hundreds that you can sign up to and potentially earn money from, but how do you know which ones are the good affiliate programs and which ones are the duds? here's a few things that you should look out for before you join.

1)Easy Sign Up Procedure

I have joined my fair share of affiliate programs and this is one of my pet hates.Some affiliate programs want waaay to much personal information before they let you join.Ideally you should only have to give your name and email address to be accepted, any other personal information should be given in your own time.

2)Easy To Follow Instructions

Nothing worse than signing up to an Affiliate Program and not knowing what to do next.You may not be suprized to know  that some of the biggest websites online are guilty of this.Another point worth mentioning is that you also want the website page to load quickly and be easy to use.There should be crystal clear instructions telling you how to get the best from your chosen Affiliate Program.

3)Customer Support

Let's face it, online customer support is never going to be as good as of line, but it still should be clearly visible.If you can't see any obvious signs of customer support on the website try looking for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or a forum page if none of these are present do not join the Affiliate program.

4)Plug In Systems

Virtually everything in online marketing has got easier ,this is partially due to the current economic crisis and the  competitive nature of the Internet Marketing Industry.All of this is good news for you, because you no longer have to learn  how to do all of the technical or geeky stuff.You can now join Affiliate Programs that give you complete websites or  pages with all of the best products and services online already plugged into their system all ready for you to promote and  earn money from.

5)Active Community

Internet Marketing can sometimes be a lonely business.Your stuck their all alone in your bedroom for hours on end, writing  away sending out your email messages all the time wondering if anybody gives a s**t about what you have to say. It is a big  help when you can communicate with like minded people who understand your pain and frustration, a good affiliate programe  will always provide this

6)Commission Rate

One thing that I must say here is that you always will get a better commission rate for promoting marketing products mainly from Clickbank or Paydot com, but unless you know a little bit about affiliate marketing I would advise you stay well clear because as good as the commission rates are you will find it very difficult to earn anything from them.Your best bet is to stick with the big brand names like Amazon or ebay, they pay a lot lower commissions but they are an established brand so people trust them more and will be far more likely to buy