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Being a mother at home always trying to find ways to cut down on expenses and trying to find all sorts of coupons so groceries are less expensive. There comes a day where we think we might need 3 jobs. So if you have a web site , a few hours, then I've got something for you.

Hi, I'm 44 years old and I'm a self emplyed mother of 3.

I'll be honest I'v been in business for 3 years but only part time.  I've only decided to be in it full time this January.  So I  need all the extra mony I can find to pay the bills and to feed my family.  But a couple of monhs ago I've discovered  affiliate programs.  Right then I knew it was for me.  Though at first I was a bit doubtful, but I eventually came around.  So now I'm affiliated to about 4 companies that I like and trust.  That was the most important part of the job. I had to like the companies, and like what they sold, you know and also it had to represent me also, meaning, I could see myself into those companies.

Example: Teaporia: They sell tea.  I really see myself drinking tea ,mainly because I've been drinking tea for the past 25 years, and I've alos been making my ow tea mixes since I don't know when, but I love making my own tea mix.They represent me. And I love that part of my tea shopping.  So back to Teaporia', I sell Teaporia tea because I love tea and it represents me very well, and it pays 25% commission and there is no sign up fees. You also get your own website. That's very good.  You only need to do one purchase , what ever the amount once every 3 months.  So you can buy on Teaporia or you can join my team and become an affiliate and sell.

Follow this link  Teaporia

And then there's Simply Tempted.  Filled with body & bath products and soy Candles.

Everything to make your senses go wild. They don't charge anything to sign up here either, and they pay you 15% commission and 5% on downlines.  You get  15% discount on all your personal orders.  The top earning Affiliate for each month wil receive a bonus commission and a free gift.  Free mini website personalised with your name and location. Simply Tempted is filled with luscious products all waiting for you.  There are body butters, body whips, body creams, sugar scrubs, soy kissable lip candy, bath salts that moisturises,  they are filled with soaps and more soaps and they also have soaps that look like revelsm you know those ice cream treats when we were young.  Far out.  Then they have the wonderful soy candles, the tarts, wickless candle melts, room spritzers,  jar candles and more. So if you wan to join my team,  come on girls.

Simply Tempted

Then we have Black Grape

Black Grape is a juice that is packed with vitamines, niacin, green tea extract, guarana seed extract, leucine, B5, B12, B6, Taurine.

Black Grape will boost your immune system with it's ingredents and it will maintain your healthy  weight , will help reduce your sugar levels, will help with Diabetes and in cases of cancer.

Go visit the Black Grape site and join my team.

And my last one is Street River Gourmet

You will love this affiliate program.  No sign up fees, 10 % commission.  They sell food mixes.  Far out. you have to check them out. Really they sell  bread mixes, cheese ball mixes, cocktail drink mixes,  sauce mixes, dip mixes, and so much more. By the way I have tried some of their stuffd and I really love it. So after having seen, tried and loved them, I can guaranty you that they are great.So won't you join my team?

Street River gourmet

So this closes my work on how to gain extra money by becoming affiliate to certain companies.

I do recommand certain caution though.  Do not go and become an affilia to just any company that offer an affiliate program.  Do like me make certain you feel it, or do like me sign under people that have already signed before you,  For instance you would sign under me because you know I'm there already and you know it is good because there was someone before me that was already ?

If ever you were to join one of these affiliate programs, I would really love to hear from you through my comments.Thank you so much for reading this.