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IncomeWeb writes in its FAQ that it has the advertisers to pay websites or blog publishers for attracting customers and buying their products, and besides, you can get more form every referred affiliate visitors. But in reality, beside itself, it has no more partners or advertisers. As with other affiliate network, you post an advertisement (IncomeWeb banner) in your site, blog or social networking profiles like Twitter or Facebook. When a visitor clicks the banner, it will deliver you very high fees, $ 0.03 each for now. When a visitor registers under your affiliate banner, you will get a higher commission, $ 3 at the moment. If you do not have a blog, or if you have no website or a place where you can paste your affiliate code, you can use a special affiliate link (for your reference only as follows: / start.html; a_aid = 4bc4709363ffa), which can deliver you the same profit as the code of the banner. Instead of a affiliate network, It looks like a paid to promote (PTP) paid $ 30 CPM to promote the release, and paid to signup (PTS) paid $ 3 per application for registration.

Now you know IncomeWeb and let’s go to the most important part of this article: IncomeWeb is a scam. As you should already know IncomeWeb has a very high level commission rate, the CPM is $ 30 per 1,000 clicks or visits, wgich is very easy to get, even if payment is set to $ 200. But after Google this site, you cannot find any available proof of payment any other people except the site itself. In addition, you will see many complaints. One member said profit for referral registration does not credit, and IncomeWeb does not respond to messages from any members and without any business contact. Another member noted that it advertises on Google Code, which means that we deliver cheat traffic and click on the Google ads to make money for this scammer site.

Until now I still know people are working on this scam, I warn you not to attend to waste your time and destroy your hope.